recently covered LinkedIn Local Yerevan, with a partner of the event explaining what to expect from the new networking format. also presented the event’s agenda and goal, which is to foster new connections and opportunities across Armenia’s various business sectors.


Darpass introduced the speakers from LinkedIn Local Yerevan and explained the structure of business networking. Networking outside of your comfort zone allows participants to make new business connections and discuss their business strategies. responded to LinkedIn Local Yerevan as “the first business networking event of its kind in Armenia”.


“This is the first time such an event has taken place in the locale,” ABNews stated in their blog post.



LinkedIn Local Yerevan will unite more than 300 business founders, leaders, top managers and successful individuals in the business field.


The LinkedIn Local Yerevan 2024 Event represents the inaugural business networking initiative in Armenia. This event serves as a platform to unite the local business community, fostering new connections and avenues for growth.

The LinkedIn Local Yerevan event sparked media attention, with reports focusing on the driving forces behind its remarkable achievement.

Arma TV

The LinkedIn Local Yerevan left a lasting impression, with local entrepreneurs attributing its positive outcome to the diverse range of participants.



The LinkedIn Local Yerevan’s impact goes beyond the event itself, with discussions in local media sparking conversations about the future of business networking in Armenia.

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