LinkedIn Locan Yerevan is the first event in its format in Armenia with the concept of networking and social development. The goal is to foster successful business networking in a professional setting where each member will have the chance to interact and exchange ideas with the top professionals in the field.

On April 6th, Armenian Helicopters’ ALTEZZA will host the event next to the helicopters. The LinkedIn Local event takes place across various countries. The Targeting team successfully organized LinkedIn Local Los Angeles, and now it is making its way to Yerevan, bringing with it intriguing business strategies and a wealth of new experiences.

LinkedIn Local Yerevan speakers are successful businessmen and professionals in various fields who will share best practices during the event and go over key concepts of using business networking with attendees. 

The purpose of the event is to familiarize attendees with the new format for establishing and growing business connections, as well as to promote business networking in Armenia. Face-to-face communication facilitates understanding of each other’s business visions and helps participants find new possible partners, investors, and customers.

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