LinkedIn Local Event is Armenia’s first business networking event in this format. 

The event has already taken place in multiple countries. Targeting carried it out in Glendale, gaining valuable experience before investing in the event in Yerevan. It is the first of its kind in Armenia, drawing on the best international experience.

The details of the event

LinkedIn Local Yerevan will be held on April 6 at ALTEZZA by Armenian Helicopters, right next to the helicopters. During breaks, guests can listen to music from a DJ, participate in a golf workshop, or a sommelier masterclass, and meet speakers who will arrive via helicopter.

The purpose of LinkedIn Local Yerevan

The entire purpose of the event is to introduce a new approach to networking in Armenia. It will be conducted in a customized manner to help participants communicate and acquire face-to-face with potential new customers, partners, and even investors. 

LinkedIn Local Yerevan’s speakers are professionals and entrepreneurs from various fields who will share their own experiences and discuss with participants the principles of effective business networking.

The advantages of LinkedIn Local Yerevan

LinkedIn Local has already benefited numerous businesses around the world. Now, the Armenian community has the opportunity to become a part of and participate in an international creative networking event. 

LinkedIn Local Yerevan will bring together Armenian business founders, managers, and leading professionals under one roof, allowing you to discuss your business perspectives, learn new business secrets, and make valuable connections while exploring the full suite of networking tools.

Thus, hurry up and join the new format of business networking, make new business friends, and learn about new business ideas.

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