LinkedIn Local Yerevan presents a new format of business networking. It gathers successful professionals and entrepreneurs from various industries under one roof and helps them with networking, learning about industry news, and, of course, exchanging best practices.

The agenda of LinkedIn Local Yerevan

The foundation of the event is the growth of business networking within the Armenian business community. Additionally, it has the unique characteristic of increasing the productivity of the event’s breaks.

The significance of golf during business networking

Golf is said to have been a favorite pastime of merchants in the past. And the key was in the large golf courses, where people could mix top-notch play with business discussions.

LinkedIn Local Yerevan made the decision to revive this antiquated custom and provide modern businessmen with the chance to partake in business golf. As a result, during the break, participants will get a taste of what it’s like to combine business and golf, as well as meet potential new business partners and competitive players on a large, lush field.

Wine degustation led by a sommelier

A sommelier will conduct a wine masterclass for participants during the networking agenda’s productive break. Participants will be able to form their own opinions about the quality and taste of well-known wines after special varieties of wines are tested.

Music as a part of business development

Working with music increases productivity, particularly as a sedative during the intermission.

The attendees will have the opportunity to enjoy the newest music trends by DJ Vakcina during the event break, which will infuse the event with vitality.

The purpose of LinkedIn Local Yerevan is to bring together the Armenian business community through a specialized event. As a result, your involvement will expand your network of new contacts to build your company’s future.

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