Facilitated networking is a structured gathering, that is designed to assist the attendees connect and build relationships, exchange best practices, and more. When traditional networking events are based on free interaction, facilitated networking events include a grouping of attendees, where they can get acquainted with each other, communicate, understand their business needs, and discuss various solutions for helping each other. This helps the participants navigate easily and spend their time more productively while making beneficial connections with the field leaders.

The concept of facilitated networking

Open networking with no schedule might seem intimidating for many people. This is when facilitated networking is considered since it is easier to participate in and break the ice while blending in. Moreover, in many cases, the facilitated networking events are more productive since they are structured by industry professionals who possess a deep understanding of what will interest the attendees and what will not.

What does facilitated networking contain?

Facilitated networking is based on structured networking sessions, where the attendees are separated into smaller pairs or groups. People within the groups introduce each other and discuss various topics relating to their business fields and the issues they could be facing currently.

This process contributes to creating a teamwork environment, where likewise thinkers gather, brainstorm, and suggest new perspectives of business solutions.

Furthermore, some facilitated networking events rotate the attendees through various networking sessions or stations during the event. The purpose of this is to meet other attendees aside from the main partner of discussion and engage in different conversations.
During these interactions, the groups can also be given a specific problem or a scenario relevant to their field. This encourages them to brainstorm and include their best practices to come up with something much bigger in the framework of the networking event.

The idea of doing so is to spark deeper communication between the attendees since shared interests can result in positive communication and new business relations between like-minded individuals.

LinkedIn Local Yerevan as a facilitated networking event

LinkedIn Local Yerevan is introducing a new concept of business networking in Armenia. The goal of this is to introduce attendees to new business insights and connections.

It’s an international event that happens in multiple countries, and the Targeting team has already managed to recreate one in Los Angeles. Now it is Yerevan’s turn to participate in a new concept of business networking, crafted professionally, with a specific agenda.

The business event will gather various Armenian businesspeople, managers, founders, and other leading professionals to connect in one event. The key aspect of this is the variety of business fields they all will represent. This is an excellent chance to expand the boundaries of business contacts and make new friends, partners, investors, and clients.

Why take part in LinkedIn Local Yerevan?

Designed professionally, LinkedIn Local Yerevan offers a business networking space where guests can meet others who share their interests and gain fresh perspectives on success.

The program for the event is interesting and includes a productive break. During this, the attendees will not only communicate but will also enjoy some music by DJ Vakcina, taste the best wine with a professional sommelier’s guidance, and study the golf workshop, displayed for all the interested individuals.

Thus, LinkedIn Local Yerevan presents detailed segments of a facilitated networking event, where each attendee can participate in purposeful conversations in smaller groups or pairs, enjoy wine, the golf workshop, and more.

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