How to attend a golf networking event where many Armenian businessmen will be invited to make new business connections, play golf, and listen to the industry leaders. Effective networking events around the world have a variety of themes, and golf is one of them.

This time around, you’ll be interacting with people from different business sectors on the golf course, during which you’ll be able to present your business and services to new partners, customers, and even potential investors. And how to make this event effective, we’ll tell you below.

How to prepare for the golf-networking event

Before the event, you can highlight a few characteristics of your business that you think will interest other visitors. For example.

  • Your activity field
  • Main Services and projects
  • Business features
  • Recent successes and developments
  • Customer successes
  • And what you think will interest your interlocutor

Brief information on these topics will help you present yourself more confidently, which is one of the main secrets of success.

Define your goals and expectations

To make the event more effective, you can set a few goals. For example, introducing your business to a wider audience, or gaining new partners and investors who can help your business grow.

Having a clear vision of your business goals will make it easier to communicate, as well as give a more professional opinion.

Don’t forget your visit card!

During the networking event, you can bring your business card to exchange with other businessmen and establish enduring relationships.

Enjoy the event with playing golf

Enjoy playing golf with other golf aficionados as playing golf is the core of the YereFun philosophy. The reason behind this is that, in the past, many businessmen favored holding their meetings on golf courses since they provided ample space to combine the professional with fun.

Additionally, playing golf improves mood and produces more favorable results. With this, YereFun has brought back the old tradition of golf and business networking in perfect synergy.

What to wear at golf-networking event

Although YereFun is a specialized event aimed at creating new connections and expanding business, it’s important to remember that you’ll also be playing golf during the event. So you can wear clothes that your prefer to help you feel more comfortable.

However, if you want to feel like you’re in an old American movie set in the Scottish Highlands, you can choose golf-appropriate clothing, such as white shirts, shorts, and sneakers.

Thus, you can appear at Business YereFun in your preferred clothes, however, it is also necessary to maintain professionalism in order to create a positive opinion.

What to do at the event

YereFun is a facilitated event, meaning it has a clear agenda that includes both speakers, golf networking, and a coffee break to recharge.

So, during the event, you must follow the agenda to get the most out of the event. Why? The agenda was created by experts who took into account every advantage of the occasion to ensure that you get the most out of your time.


Business YereFun is a new networking format that follows the philosophy of LinkedIn Local Yerevan to help the attendees build productive business relationships. As such, by taking part in the golf-business networking event, you are becoming a part of a new business networking format that is expanding its illustrious history within Armenia’s business community.

On June 14, Business YereFun will be held at the Ararat Golf Club. Get your ticket to the innovative and creative event as soon as possible to guarantee your spot in the creative networking.

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